ISO 31000 Certification FAQS

Is there a Certification for ISO 31000?

There is no internationally recognized accreditation body for ISO 31000 certification for either professionals or organizations. This issue, whether ISO31000 should become an internationally recognized, certifiable standard for organizations, is still evolving.

Do you have to be accredited to certify others?

ISO states: The formal recognition by an independent body, generally known as an accreditation body that a certification body is capable of carrying out certification. Accreditation is not obligatory but it adds another level of confidence, as ‘accredited’ means the certification body has been independently checked to make sure it operates according to international standards. Furthermore, ISO’s website clarifies: “Accreditation is not an obligation and if an organization is not accredited it does not necessarily mean it is not reputable. Nonetheless, accreditation remains an independent confirmation of competence.

The same holds true for organizations that certify individuals. An example of a U.S. accreditation program for organizations that certify individuals is the ANSI 17024 Accreditation program. It is important to understand that certification to ISO 17024 speaks only to the organization’s business and management structure. It gives no indication or assurance whatsoever, as to the organization’s knowledge, expertise, and/or influence regarding the discipline for which they certify.

Does Learn 31000 certify trainees?

We do not certify individuals or organizations. We choose not to self-accredit, as others have done, and we will not seek accreditation from organizations that know little or nothing about ISO 31000.

Instead, we have affiliated with a well-known and prestigious school of business, where we have delivered and filmed, our New York State Department of Education recognized course, as an integral component of a Masters Degree programs. Attendees who pass the exam given with our LEARN 31000 course, will receive a Certificate from our organization and our CE credits have been recognized as satisfying the requirements of all the organizations to whom they have been presented by our attendees.

Still want to be certified as an ISO 31000 Risk Manager?

There are currently a small number of organizations that provide ISO 31000 training and a certification exam. As they claim accreditation under ISO 17024, they are required to allow anyone who pays an exam fee to sit for their exam, whether or not they took the training with that company. ERM 31000 Training guarantees that all individuals who take our course and exam will pass any other ISO 31000 exam currently on the market.

Where can I learn more about getting certified?

Please contact Avrohom Gluck at your convenience via the Contact page and we will provide you with a link to organizations who provide certifications.