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ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Standard

Capitalize on the rapid growth of the risk management industry by mastering ISO 31000 risk management.

2016 Global Risk Management Industry Valuation

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Hi Allen. I attended your course to a refresher on ISO 31000. It is a great course to both seasoned risk practitioners as well as those with limited knowledge/ exposure. I will definitely be recommending this course to my colleagues. – Riaan

An absolutely excellent course! Very engaging and understandable, great supporting resources, and an outstanding expert instructor. Highly recommended! – Roger Galitz

Excellent course! I never felt like it was a virtual session. The instructor is really good and makes it easy to understand the course at each step. I highly recommend it! – Jitendra Punjabi

Exceptional Professor and course! Professor was clear, concise and well knowledgeable with subject material. I truly enjoyed the lessons. In addition, this course exceeded my expectations. – Araceli Marie Cadena

I enjoyed this because I have been studying Business Continuity, and what I was taught there gave me a core understanding of the material. ISO 31000 (2018) has made some changes from 2009 version, which compels us to think outside the box. Relearning the positive and negative aspects of risks is a game changer. This has expanded my knowledge base in a way that my enterprise will immediately benefit from. Mr. Gluck is great communicator, and brilliantly delivered in this subject matter. Thank you. – Patrick Leviathan Grant

I enjoyed the course very much and found it a very good overview of the ISO 31000 standard! The depth and detail were good and the instructor offered great insights and considerations. – Rick Villanueva

The course was very useful as someone new to risk management, and covered fundamental principles which are difficult to learn on-the-job. – SIN CHEUK KAI FRANCIS

✅ You will apply risk management to your organization within days, not months!

✅ Possess a new-found ability to capitalize and adapt to changing situations in your fast-moving workplace.

✅ All your stakeholders will see your commitment to risk management.

Unlike industry-specific standards like COSO  for finance, ISO 31000 can be easily applied to any industry. Use your new risk management knowledge to gain control over your operations.

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