After 20 years as an information security professional, I’ve come to believe that risk management is the only skill needed to close the “cybersecurity skills gap”. As I sought to deepen my understanding of risk management, I quickly discovered that these concepts would be difficult to master on my own. I came across Professor Gluck’s ISO 31000 course and was immediately impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and approachable teaching style. When I learned he had served on the technical committee that developed the ISO 31000 risk management standard I knew I had finally found the best resource available to further develop my risk management skills.

This course is affordable, comprehensive, engaging, and includes a plethora of downloadable resources and helpful examples. In addition, Professor Gluck is eager to personally correspond with students to aid them in their learning. I highly recommend this course for aspiring and veteran information security professionals alike!


Hi Allen. I attended your course to a refresher on ISO 31000. It is a great course to both seasoned risk practitioners as well as those with limited knowledge/ exposure. I will definitely be recommending this course to my colleagues. -Riaan
The explanation to each and every topic and concept is very well explained. The professor’s teaching method is quite engaging as he explains using examples which makes it interesting and easy to understand. – A. Pindarma
This is one of the best courses I have ever taken in Risk Management. It is directly to the point and the materials , Videos, are well summarised. – E. Mwanza
This is an Excellent course on ISO31000 standard. Love the delivery and insights from A/professor Allen Gluck ie someone who has been involved in standardization development for many years. Covers all parts of the ISO 31000 standard including principles, framework, and risk management process. – Arthur Manganas
Excellent course! I never felt like it was a virtual session. The instructor is really good and makes it easy to understand the course at each step. I highly recommend it! -J. Punjabi
Exceptional Professor and course! Professor was clear, concise and well knowledgeable with subject material. I truly enjoyed the lessons. In addition, this course exceeded my expectations. – Araceli Marie Cadena
I enjoyed this because I have been studying Business Continuity, and what I was taught there gave me a core understanding of the material. ISO 31000 (2018) has made some changes from 2009 version, which compels us to think outside the box. Relearning the positive and negative aspects of risks is a game-changer. This has expanded my knowledge base in a way that my enterprise will immediately benefit from. Mr. Gluck is a great communicator and brilliantly delivered in this subject matter. Thank you. – P. Grant
Very informative and I actually enjoyed the training like I was inside the class. – M. Flores
Exceptional Professor and course! Professor was clear, concise, and well knowledgeable with subject material. I truly enjoyed the lessons. In addition, this course exceeded my expectations. – T. Rasche

I enjoyed the course very much and found it a very good overview of the ISO 31000 standard! The depth and detail were good and the instructor offered great insights and considerations. – Rick Villanueva

Avrohom Gluck is amazing, enthusiastic, humble and clearly passionate about ISO 31,000 and risk management. Whether you specifically work in Risk Management or are a novice, this course is presented in a humorous, easy going, understandable way that makes learning a pleasure rather than a responsibility or requirement. – R. Gereige
I really enjoyed the course. It was too informative and the way it was explained by professor with such good example was really appreciable. – D. Dubey

The slides and the knowledge of instructor is so high level and comprehensive and I really enjoyed taking the course. However, the course can be richen by adding case studies of real life examples and they can be interpreted during the course in order to fully understand what risk management is both practically and theoretically. – B. Akcadag

The course was very useful as someone new to risk management, and covered fundamental principles which are difficult to learn on-the-job. – S. Francis
Hi Professor Gluck, let me tell you that your course is one of the best I have ever follow. I have knowledge on ISO 27001, 27701 and 37001 but all the consultants, video I used to learn more they all were way too boring and without real life example or cases. Thanks to provide a very useful course and make ISO intriguing to learn and know. -Francesco Catozzo