ISO 31000 Online Training Course

  • Make brilliant decisions that improve how your organization operates – every day.

  • Get the results YOU want when you apply the proven principles of ISO 31000.

  • Be prepared for any future disaster by incorporating risk-based thinking into your company.

  • Gain respect in your professional and personal life!

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Over 13,000 students have taken the course and4000+ students have left reviews, with an overall course rating of 4.5 stars.

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Easy to Understand

Learn risk management the easy way. Interesting videos, examples, and stories make mastery of risk management attainable, even if you’ve struggled in the past. “Excellent Instructor. The whole complex subject he has taught in a very simplified and in a detailed way.” – Khwaja

Enjoyable Learning

Learning can be fun. And what’s more enjoyable than learning from someone who truly loves their subject matter? “Teacher is very passionate about the subject, very well explained, and very interesting. The teacher gives a lot of context and examples, making the material easy to learn. THANK YOU.” – Phillip

100% Online

Online delivery allows anyone to benefit from over 9 hours of engaging video lessons. By removing the expense of in-person workshops, we can offer this course at a tremendous value. “Perfect match and very insightful, the course is a must even for personal use” – James

Highly Practical

A step-by-step guide to applying risk management. While the theory is explained, the emphasis is put on learning to apply risk management to your goals. “Found the course high-quality content, informative in that is relevant to my field of work” – Elizabeth


The perfect way to pad your resume for a job search, especially in the financial or healthcare sectors. Also perfect for those who want to improve risk management in their current role. “I work in the insurance industry so it is good to be able to see the bigger picture of risk management outside of traditional insurance” – Tim

Apply It To Your Industry

Learn to think like a risk manager. Since ISO 31000 is industry-universal, immediately begin applying it across industries, processes, and goals. “Very good choice to start thinking on this matter in the context of the organization that one may work at.“ – Ricardo

This course is for:

  • Business owners who want to make excellent decisions and transform uncertainty into profit.
  • Risk Managers who need an expert knowledge of ISO 31000.
  • Companies that require ISO 31000 compliance in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

C-level executives who have taken this course have held titles including:

CEO, Chairman, President, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Deputy Director, Director of Risk Management & Global Security, Executive Director of Compliance, Global Risk Manager and Operations and Risk Management Executive.

This course has been taken by senior staff whose job titles include:

Senior Director, Senior Federal Funding Policy Analyst, Senior Enterprise Risk Specialist and Senior ERM and Regulatory Compliance Analyst.

Consultants who have benefited from this course hold titles including Actuarial Consultant, Compliance Consultant and Loss Control Consultant.

You will:

✅ Master a vocabulary for risk management you can use with ease.

✅ Know the principles for effectively managing risk.

✅ Gain the know-how to establish a framework for managing risk in your company.

✅ Use the risk management process in your ongoing decision-making processes.

✅ Learn to pay attention to what’s most salient to your objectives without getting bogged down in non-essentials.

✅ How to inspire the people in your company to work in concert with one another instead of playing “risk tug-of-war”.

✅ Can you stay rational? Learn the one situation where otherwise rational people make irrational decisions.

✅ If these key people are resistant to your efforts, you won’t be able to integrate risk management. Here’s how to get them on your side.

✅ How to define exactly what you are prepared to do before you need to make a decision about it.

✅ Gain the ability to offer clear, reasoned justifications for your decisions to others, including your boss, colleagues, and clients.


Q: What is Risk Management?

In a nutshell, risk is managing uncertainty. When you learn ISO 31000, you make wiser decisions again and again despite uncertainty and changing circumstances. You’ll efficiently promote your brand, strengthen professional relationships, and achieve your career goals with your new expertise.

Q: Why is your course better than other risk management courses?

This course is the ONLY course taped live in graduate school during a core curriculum lecture course for grad-level finance majors. Before this course launch, the only way to access this exclusive content would cost you $2,415. That’s how much it costs to attend a 3-credit course at Manhattanville University, where Avrohom Gluck is an adjunct professor.

Q: Why is this course different?

This is the ONLY course taught by an editor of the ISO 31000:2018 standard. Your professor, Avrohom Gluck, is also an expert risk management trainer for major corporations across the U.S.

Q: What’s the course experience like?

The course is easy-to-follow, interesting, and professional quality. You’ll have lifetime access to 9 hours of online video content, relevant downloadable resources, and quizzes to test your learning.  In the premium course, you’ll have Q & A access to your instructor if you get stuck or have questions. 

Q: Will your course help me find a job?

Yes. Taking this course is perfect for anyone interviewing for positions in the financial industry (or in any financial capacity) insurance, healthcare or medical fields. While just taking this course isn’t enough to land a job in one of these industries, it’s the perfect way to bolster existing qualifications.

Q: Does your course expire?

The course never expires! When you buy the course, you will get lifetime access. Want to refer back later to a specific section? Bookmark those lessons to brush up anytime.

Q: Will I understand the lessons?

According to many independent reviews, this course is easy to understand notwithstanding the complexity of the topic.

Q: What is the difficulty level of this course?

This typically difficult topic is made accessible to beginner-level students by the instructor. Although topics are high level, the lessons have been described as “easy to understand” and “interesting.”

Q: Can beginners take this course?

Absolutely! Once completed, students will possess a greater body of applicable knowledge about ISO 31000 risk management than their colleagues.

Q: What if I don’t understand this course?

You’re covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. Refunds are immediately approved, no questions asked.