As of today, no international accreditation of the ISO 31000 standard exists. This standard was not created with the intention of being certified; the framework was developed for organizations to incorporate the elements of it as needed. The issue of whether ISO 31000 should be internationally certifiable is a divided one. ISO 31000 is a systemized matrix with the goal to set and achieve objectives within an organization. It is a system to manage the risk that is built upon 8 principles, a unique feature being the fact that this standard is meant to be customized.

Why not?

ISO 31000 was developed to be a customizable risk management standard that allows organizations the freedom to implement the guidelines in a way that’s completely tailored. Because of this, ISO 31000 was not intended for certification purposes and therefore does not provide requirements.

The most beneficial aspect of this standard is that it is not a one-size-fits-all system, any organization or individual can tailor and incorporate the risk management framework provided. However, this benefit makes it difficult to establish internationally recognized accreditation since every organization is unique.

Some argue that approaching ISO 31000 in an auditable or “checklist” way diminishes the intended value of the standard, which is the ability to be personalized to each organization’s needs. However, this view is greatly divided.


Many cultures believe in the importance of auditing, or the inspection of an organization by an independent body. Various ISO member countries who fall into this category are seeking an additional standard for the purpose of assessing risk management procedures. Although not required, obtaining accreditation can help an organization’s confidence in operations.

No, ISO 31000 cannot be certified. However, organizations can attain a rating that demonstrates their achievement in implementing enterprise risk management processes, which are based on ISO 31000. Some organizations do provide ISO 31000 training and certification, however, they claim accreditation under ISO 17024. If an individual completes the Enterprise Risk Management Training course and passes the exam, they are guaranteed to pass any ISO 31000 on the current market.


While other ISO standards are certifiable, ISO 31000’s unique nature of flexibility and personalization remains untouched. The issue of international certification for this standard is still evolving. ISO 31000 is not a certifiable standard. It’s a set of guidelines providing guidance for enterprises in risk management. ISO 31000 is meant to take into account the context of the organization and customize the processes accordingly, in turn making it difficult to recognize internal accreditation for this standard.

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